Bear Paws are products designed by BBQ enthusiasts for BBQ enthusiasts! The original idea came in 1993 from frustrations of using forks to pull pork. It took too long, and the pork would easily get caught between the narrow tines of the fork. The solution was the first set of Bear Paws! Family loved them, and it didn’t take long for demand to expand beyond our small network of friends. While their intended use was for pulling pork, early users quickly pointed out other wonderful uses of the Bear Paws. Lifting meats (pork butt/shoulder, turkey, ham, etc.) and shredding chicken were some we predicted without much thought, but one customer bought a separate pair to stab into a melon while cutting, helping her to maintain control and keep her fingers out of the way of the knife… We didn’t see that one coming! Another customer raved about their ability to help her freshen up her flower beds… We never even thought about their potential outside of the world of food! To this day, we still enjoy hearing customer’s added uses of the Bear Paws. Their versatility has been tried and tested, and passed with flying colors.
Bear Paws Grizzly Model
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